2011 Brewery District Master Plan
A Strategy for Repopulating Cincinnati's Brewery District

Brewing Heritage Trail

Goal: To construct an urban trail system that will celebrate Cincinnati’s brewing heritage and help create a positive, marketable image for the City.

For an American city, Cincinnati is very old and has a very rich history. We have, however, done a very poor job of leveraging that history. Brewing is a big part of the city’s history and it is a fun aspect of history to which people are drawn. This history – more than, but including brewing and an amazingly unappreciated collection of historic brewery buildings – is an under-utilized asset of the City of Cincinnati and of the Brewery District in particular.

The BDCURC will form a committee that will research heritage trails in other cities and analyze what can be applied to our own. This committee will designate Cincinnati’s sites, research their histories, tell their stories, create maps, create a web site and devise a marketing strategy for selling the tour.

If you are interested in participating in this committee, please signup for the email group HERE or send us an email to: info@otrbrewerydistrict.org

A current schedule of committee meetings is HERE.