2011 Brewery District Master Plan
A Strategy for Repopulating Cincinnati's Brewery District

Rediscovering a Mixed Use Economy

Goal: To help redevelop historic buildings by pairing end users with the right spaces, developers and resources.

A strategy for repopulating OTR with businesses and residents has to recognize both the advantages and limitations of the building stock. People no longer want to live in the small apartments that were adequate 80 years ago. The wealth of our mixed-use building stock was built to accommodate a density that may never going to return. However, the fact that our neighborhood may never have a dozen breweries, hundreds of bars, and dozens of groceries does not mean that the building stock is obsolete. It simply means that we cannot be fixated on what it was when we think about what it can be.

Our first step will be to create a data base of available spaces with an assessment of the condition and potential uses. We will use this data base to make connections between end users and vacant spaces by circulating it to Realtors, groups engaged in economic development, real estate developers and the general public.

If you are interested in participating in this committee, please signup for the email group HERE or send us an email to: info@otrbrewerydistrict.org

A current schedule of committee meetings is HERE.