2011 Brewery District Master Plan
A Strategy for Repopulating Cincinnati's Brewery District

Brewer's Triangle

Goal: To envision and advocate for the construction of infrastructure improvements that will support the Moerlein Brewery, proposed Event Center and surrounding uses.

The Christian Moerlein Brewing Company is about to make a huge investment in creating a full production brewery and perhaps an event center. Any neighborhood would love to have this private investment. The impact to the Brewery District can be dramatically positive, or it can be isolated and latent. It needs to be supported with appropriate improvements to surrounding infrastructure so it will enable other, future private investment.

The BDCURC will form a committee to develop the plan and advocate for improvements to surrounding roads, parking facilities and open spaces. We will aid in ushering the re-allocation of land to serve communal uses for the good of the entire neighborhood.

If you are interested in participating in this committee, please signup for the email group HERE or send us an email to: info@otrbrewerydistrict.org

A current schedule of committee meetings is HERE.