2011 Brewery District Master Plan
A Strategy for Repopulating Cincinnati's Brewery District

Neighborhood Zoning

Goal: Existing zoning districts are somewhat at odds with what we know to be healthy urban development patterns. Building on our work from the 2006 Urban Plan, the Brewery District Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation believes property should be developed in mixed use, pedestrian-friendly patterns and should enable a truly sustainable array of uses such as: residential, retail, office, institutional, entertainment and even manufacturing.

Further, we understand that the City of Cincinnati will soon begin creating a Land Development Code. This code will include a Form-Based Code which will regulate how property is developed in terms of character and scale. Land Use will also continue to be a facet of the new codes, but land use will be less important than how the public realm is formed.

The BDCURC will form a committee to help the city develop the zoning and advocate for the adoption of a new form based code appropriate for the neighborhood.

If you are interested in participating in this committee, please signup for the email group HERE or send us an email to: info@otrbrewerydistrict.org

A current schedule of committee meetings is HERE.